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The office X Arquitectura starts on 1994 as a small firm for collaboration between young architects with experience, in order to start a trajectory of their own.

In 1998, , Miquel Àngel Caballero Moreno i Xavier Rubio Coll created society X Arquitectura, SCP to provide a business structure to the office and also to improve the way of do architecture. X Arquitecture won their first public competitions and made collective housing for private developers.

Actually, de design process is conditioning for many and several factors:

  • Reducing project time
  • Speeding up of build time, the incorporation of landscape and environmental conservation as a field of work
  • The complexity of programs,  the increase of people and institutions involved in decision-making processes.

With the purpose to answer these complexities in 2006 born Ics Arquitectura Rubio-Caballero & associats, SLP, which raises the firm's activities into two areas:

  • Internal, creating a solid office structure with a capacity for big projects
  • xternal, establishing an continues relationship with partners of different specialties to cope with the progressive diversification of the architectural project.